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Expert Recommendations To Decorating Your Single Floor

The number of single-person households has increased in recent years. Living alone has great advantages such as exclusivity when deciding any question that has to do with the property, greater autonomy, and independence. This trend has a direct consequence on architecture and decoration. The single man or woman tends to recreate more in their own style since they do not have to make concessions to couples or take into account the needs of third parties. Today you will get the inside scoop of the secrets of a perfect bachelor’s apartment.

Open Spaces

Singles houses breathe freedom. This can be achieved by dispensing with partitions, and with the possibility of creating living spaces. It has a clear advantage and is the annexation of small rooms, creating a single room or several. The divisions can be established by mobile partitions, sliding doors, lattices, or libraries, designing the perfect atmosphere when you want to be alone and giving the spaces a certain intimacy. In this way, the rooms come to life according to the moment and the need. In addition, the circulation is more dynamic and natural light reaches every corner.

Neutral Tones

The neutral tones are an ace deco that can be used in all rooms of the house. To achieve a relaxed environment and enhance the maximum possible amplitude, the walls should be bathed in neutral colors that oscillate between white, gray, and sand. Despite their apparent simplicity, they are complicated if done without criteria. Therefore, it is important to find harmony and take into account the different colors in the room, on the floor, on fabrics, or on furniture. You can combine tones of different intensities, achieving environments full of character and sophistication.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the main meeting places in the house, Ideally, the kitchen has an island, to share the moments when you are cooking with the guests. To add aesthetic quality, more spaciousness, functionality, and luminosity, it can be integrated into the dining room and opt for simple and sophisticated furniture with smooth surfaces, hidden handles, or natural wood. One of the latest trends is the finishes in wood, copper, or marble.

A Bedroom With Personality

A bachelor’s room must be functional, attractive, and comfortable. It is the most intimate space on the floor and the most important. Obviously, it must be a place for relaxation, but one that is decorated with character and gives off the identity of its owner, be it a bohemian, urbanite, or hipster. The idea is to choose white, gray, and black tones and add a touch of color with pictures or accessories. You have to balance the tones well. Black and gray can be very cold and hard for a bedroom, and so you have to soften them with natural materials such as linen or wool.


Living alone does not mean that you have to be frumpy. Your living space can be just as nice as someone living in a larger space. It all depends on your own personal taste and preferences. If you cannot renovate the space on your own, it is best to get help from a Denver interior design firm in your area.


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