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Best Suburbs in Seattle to Build Your Dream Home

So you’re looking for the perfect suburban utopia to build a brand new home, and you’ve selected Seattle, WA as your destination.

Home of Starbucks, Amazon and beautiful forests surrounding the city, Seattle has experienced a property boom over recent years. To this end, the price of land and cost of living in the more urban inner city areas have skyrocketed. There are cheaper areas to be had though if you are ok with being a little further away from the bustle of the city.

Here are four of the best suburbs to find building land in the Seattle area to suit various budgets, sparse to dense populations, and geographical needs. There are more out there if you feel like your dream town is still out there.

Clyde Hill

The smallest of the selections here at under 3,500 residents, Clyde Hill makes up for it’s rural nature by being situated only 15 minutes from Seattle by car. On the Eastern and Southern borders sits Bellevue, making Clyde Hill a prime central location in the Seattle metropolitan area.

Clyde Hill is the most affluent area of Washington, so if you have the savings and want to live in a sleepy suburb where landscaper hires are ranked 10th in the country, a Seattle builder could do wonders with the city’s minimum sized lot of 20,000 square feet.


While most residents of Seattle currently opt to rent rather than own, Newcastle is the opposite. Around 77% of its residents own their homes, meaning you’ll fit right into the community.

Newcastle has a population of around 11,000 people, a far cry from the crowded streets of the big city. It’s a 20 minute drive from Seattle, has a 350 acre golf complex, and well regarded local builders on hand to assist you on selecting the right piece of land.


Like Newcastle, Sammamish lies to the east of Seattle, further even than Bellevue. Because of it’s handy link to the I-90, however, it only takes 25-30 minutes to make it into Seattle, making the location a prime combination of peace and convenience.

Sammamish has roughly 66,000 occupants, and a series of builders looking to take on your project. Between the city and Seattle lies the beautiful Lake Sammamish, and the journey to and from each city passes through Mercer Island.

Mercer Island

Over 25,000 occupants live on Mercer Island, perched between Seattle and Bellevue, with Lake Washington surrounding it on all sides. Being so central leaves you options to work either side of Lake Washington, and easy access to the big cities in the East and West.

It is a unique setting to live in, one of the safest regions in the state, and if you’re looking at the north end of the island you’ll find yourself falling over local builders who can guide you through the area professionally.

Seattle builders have a vast range of floor plans, knowledge and expertise. Finding one to back your brainchild, you’ll almost always save money on buying a house outright.

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