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Benefits of using a mobile crane on a construction site

A mobile crane is an industrial machine designed with a truck-mounted or crawler with a telescoping boom that is powered by a hydraulic system. This type of crane requires less space to perform lifting tasks and it takes a short period to set up on construction sites. The crawlers make them move on any surface of the earth and operate with excellent precision thus are used for multiple purposes.

There are a variety of mobile cranes but all of them are made in a way that makes them easy to transport to the site and can lift both small and large loads. Knowing the advantages of a mobile crane can help prospective customers to choose whether to buy a mobile crane or even rent a different option such as a tower crane.

Here are some of the main advantages of using mobile cranes;


Mobile cranes are very flexible when performing construction tasks. In areas that have limited space, trees, or any other obstacles, mobile cranes can maneuver due to their versatility and serve their purpose of moving materials to the intended location. Additionally, the size of mobile cranes makes it ideal in areas with populated buildings that can be restrictive when an important material needs to be lifted and installed on a skyscraper. With their compatibility, they can lift heavy weights in limited spaces where other types of cranes cannot.


The major reason why most construction projects have a preference for mobile cranes is that they can be moved from one location to another. For example, some projects such as highway construction can use very few mobile cranes since this equipment is demanded in multiple locations. Therefore, working with a mobile crane can save a lot of resources, increase speed and efficiency. Moreover, mobile cranes can also be used in domestic lifting needs including moving heavy tools and equipment such as furniture and tanks.

Faster to fix 

Setting up a mobile crane takes a lower period than erecting fixed unit cranes such as tower cranes. This means the staff will not waste time waiting for the crane to be put in place to begin working and they will be more productive by putting most of their time to good use. Further, in an instance of a mobile crane needs a repair, the technicians can easily fix them quickly and replace the necessary spares and getting your workers to business.

The website Van Adrighem has a wide range of mobile cranes at their disposal which the prospective customers can hire or buy depending on the needs of the project. Below are some of the most common mobile cranes which they provide; hydraulic cranes, all terrain cranes, crawler cranes, carry deck cranes, telescopic handler, and side lifter. They are specialists in crane rentals and are always committed to resolving transport challenges for construction projects.

A modern mobile crane outshines the other types of cranes with their convenience to perform a variety of lifting tasks in different locations. With a qualified mobile crane operator, they feature safety, comfort and are always versatile.

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