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4 Fascinating Facts About Moss

Moss is an unusual plant that grows in places where other plants cannot. This can sometimes make it a nuisance requiring moss control Arlington WA, but in some cases, moss on your property can actually be of benefit. Here are some fascinating things you should know about this unique plant.

  1. Moss Does Not Grow From Seeds

Although moss is a plant, it does not grow from seeds or bulbs the way most other plants do. Instead, it grows from spores that can be carried from place to place by currents of water or air.

  1. Moss Does Not Have Roots

Moss consists of very fine threads that do not produce roots. These threads grow together to form a mat that spreads out over a surface. Often, this surface is the ground, but it can also be the trunk of a tree, a roof, or even an exterior wall.

  1. Moss Does Not Require Much Sunlight

Moss grows best in shady areas that do not receive much direct sunlight. For this reason, it can grow in areas where many other types of plants cannot, such as under a tree.

  1. Moss Can Grow in Bad Soil or No Soil

Because moss is a rootless plant, it doesn’t derive many nutrients from the soil, as other plants do. Therefore, it can grow in environments where the soil is extremely acidic or alkaline, which would be too inhospitable for other plants. What moss really needs in order to grow is moisture, and as long as that is plentiful, it can grow where there is no soil at all.

Some people do not like to have moss in their yards because it can disrupt the appearance of the lawn. However, moss can be a way to maintain a uniform green even in areas where it is too shady for grass to grow well. Because moss requires water, it can also alert you to the presence of a drainage problem on your property.


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