Monday, October 2

3 Things To Do Before You Put Your Home on the Market

If the housing market is hot, it can be tempting to list your house just to see what it could potentially sell for. However, it is important to prepare your house in advance of your listing so viewers get the best first impression. Here are three things to do before you put your home on the market.


This may seem obvious, but no one wants to see a house full of stuff. Remove all clutter from your home, and also consider removing all personal photos or items and putting them in storage. Potential buyers want to picture themselves in the home, and seeing photos of your family may throw them off. If you have lots of trash and junk to get rid of, consider affordable dumpster rentals Los Angeles CA so you can throw things away as you go.

Make the Entryway Inviting

Your front yard and entryway is the first thing that any buyer will see when visiting your home. Curb appeal is what will encourage buyers to want to see what is inside. Ensure that your door is clean and front steps or entrance is swept. Also keep your garden and yard area tidy and inviting so that those who drive by and notice your “for sale” sign are tempted to research your home.

Fix Small Things

Does the sink have a pesky drip or is a light bulb burned out in the bathroom? Now is the time to fix these little things before you get a larger punch list from a buyer. Besides, these simple things that take a few minutes to fix could be what make or break your eventual sale.

Making the choice to list your home for sale is a big decision. Follow these easy tips before the sign goes in your yard and you’ll have some happy visitors.


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