Monday, October 2

Window Maintenance Tips

Home maintenance is all about considering the nitty-gritty aspects such as windows, door hinges, locks, etc. Clean windows will positively impact the general appearance and comfort of your house. Here are some window maintenance tips that will save you money in the long run.

Lubricate and Clean the Window Tracks

Accumulation of debris and dirt along the tracks makes it easy to open your window. You should regularly clean the tracks of your window frame to facilitate the smooth opening and closing of your windows. Consider incorporating water and soap if the dirt can’t be cleared with a dry brush.

You should also lubricate the tracks of your windows to keep the tracks in good condition. Shun from using oil-based lubricants since they attract grime and dust, making it difficult for you to open and close your windows.

Regular Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your windows will keep them in an alluring state. If your windows are wooden, consider wiping them dry to avoid destroying the wooden finishing. You can use some water, mild cleanser, and a soft brush to clean your fiberglass or vinyl windows.

Replacing Worn Out Parts and Windows

Quality wooden windows can last more than 20 years if they are re-painted and maintained frequently. Glass windows have a shorter durability level since they are more prone to damage. To prevent further damage, you should consider replacing worn-out blinds, shades, or even other movable window parts. It is advisable to replace your old window parts with modern ones from US Blinds Palm Coast to give your house a new fresh look.

When carrying out window maintenance or replacements, always communicate with an expert to guide you on the best solution. With proper maintenance, your windows can last for a lifetime and save you the cost of regular replacement.

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