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What Are The Documents Needed in a Rental File

In the same way that a sloppy, misleading or poorly presented CV will harm your job search, presenting an incomplete rental file will risk compromising your chances of being selected as a candidate for one of the 5 bedroom apartments Minneapolis located. To save time, do not make a visit without taking care that you have a complete rental file.

The Proof

This must consist of a photocopy of your identity document (passport or identity card), a copy of your three payslips, and proof of address. Depending on the case, other documents may be requested such as rental receipts from the previous owner to show that you have been paying on time and that you are a good tenant. With certain documents, you can confirm and prove that you have been a “model” tenant. In addition, a letter from your employer will confirm, for example, that your trial period has ended or that you are not under a dismissal procedure.

Off Limits

There are certain documents that the landlord cannot ask you for. These include:

  • Photo portrait
  • Certificate of good maintenance of the bank account
  • Certificate of absence of credit, authorization of direct debit
  • Marriage contract or cohabitation certificate
  • Personal medical record
  • Criminal record

After you have submitted all the required and necessary documents, proof, and confirmation, it is now time to visit the apartment. During the visit to the apartment, keep an eye out for anything that is noticeable and look to see if the landlord is keeping his or her end of the bargain.

The Commitment

Do not commit to the apartment lease or sign any documents before visiting the property. On D-Day, take the time to walk around the accommodation. This way, you will have an idea of ​​the atmosphere in what could be your future neighborhood! Once you have crossed the front door, keep your senses awake and try to memorize every detail.

The Walk-Through

Walk through common areas like the entrance hall, stairway, elevator, cellars, etc. In the apartment, check that it conforms to the description given in the advertisement: area, number of rooms, condition, etc. Similarly, that also goes for the insulation, heating, windows, the condition of the kitchen and the bathroom, the state of the coatings, the ceilings, and the walls are all elements that you will have to inspect meticulously. Take notes and photos.

The Finale

Once you are satisfied with the walk-through and your landlord is satisfied with all the required documents you have provided, it is now time to sign the rental contract and move in. With this new apartment, you will be able to build a new rental file for your next accommodations.

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