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Top Ways To Get Rid of Ants at Home

Ants can seem pretty harmless, especially when it’s just one or they pass by at a picnic. However, when these creatures decide they want to take over your home, it becomes another story. Ants can invade what seems like every crevice in the house and if you’re starting to see them multiply, it’s time to take action. Here are the top things you can do to get rid of an ant problem.

Clean Your Kitchen

The reason so many ants show up in your kitchen is because they’re looking for food. Ants love anything from sweet treats to grease, so it’s imperative to keep countertops, cupboards and floors clean of any bits of food. Wipe down and sanitize all your surfaces and always remember to store food immediately.

Get Expert Help

Many people try setting up ant traps, but like insect spray, results can be iffy at best. If ants are pervasive, your best bet is to call a Staten Island pest control company that can diagnose and eliminate the problem for good. Professionals will identify the type of ant and proceed accordingly.

Hunt for Entrances

Since ants come from outside your home, there has to be a point of entry. Inspect the perimeter and foundation of your home for any holes or cracks, and watch for ants entering your house. Once you locate problem points, start sealing them up to prevent further visitors.

Be Proactive

Ant activity kicks into high gear in the springtime. Next year, when the weather starts to get nice, be proactive and call a professional to apply poison at the base of the house. This should prevent ants from coming in in the first place.

Stay Insect-Free

Not including adopting an anteater, there’s still a lot you can do to prevent household ants. Keeping food picked up, getting expert help and staying a step ahead will ensure you have an insect-free house from now on.

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