Monday, October 2

Top Safety Issues at Your Restaurant

You’ve spent a long time saving up for your restaurant, and now you finally have premises, a menu, and a reliable customer base. As you get into a routine of running your business, make sure to keep your building safe from the following hazards.


Fires are not as common as they used to be thanks to improved electrical systems, but they’re still a concern, especially in places with lots of appliances and heat sources. To prevent fires, keep all your oils far away from outlets and open flames, and clean up grease spills carefully. Invest in smoke detectors, sprinklers, and other fire protection systems New York. Finally, make sure that all your fire extinguishers are within their expiration dates and that all employees know how to use them.


Many business owners underestimate the threat that mold poses to their buildings’ futures. If you develop a mold infestation, you put your customers and employees’ health at risk, particularly if people are allergic to mold. Addditionally, once mold develops, it’s hard to get rid of, so prevention is your best option. Avoid allowing water to accumulate after you mop the floor or spill something, and run a dehumidifier at all times. If your walls and ceilings develop discolored spots, call a professional mold removal service immediately.


When someone breaks into your building, you don’t just lose the items that he or she steals; you also have to repair the damage. Many robberies involve breaking windows or doors, meaning that you have to clean up the glass and install a new pane before you can open. Hire a security service that offers video monitoring and alarm services, and display your provider’s logo to deter potential robbers.

By preventing these issues, you avoid ruining your budget, and you keep your restaurant ready for the dinner hour.


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