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Top 5 Home Improvement Projects That Guarantees a Good Return

Home improvements have the capability of your home more comfortable and happier. However, when it comes to home improvements, the cash you put in may not always be recouped when selling. Many individuals may want to get the best value for their top dollar when carrying out home improvements.

As you prepare to put your home on sale, you may want to do a lot of improvement projects hoping to increase the list price. Though it’s unfortunate that not every home improvement is worth investment and time. Some of the best improvement projects, which guarantee a good ROI (return on investment), include the following:

  1. Replace the Garage Door

Garage doors can serve a functional purpose for your home and offer you an opportunity to include great designs. Although changing your garage door will not top the list of home improvements, it is one thing people shall see when they visit you.

Replacing garage doors encompass changing the tracks with the quality or heavy-duty designs made of galvanized steel. The designs should also come with seals and be insulated with foam to retain heat.

  1. Paint the Walls

The type of color you choose for your home will make a difference to its resale value. Painting is a project that will also go above and beyond routine maintenance. However, it may decrease or increase visual appeal to home buyers, resulting in a lower or higher offer.

For example, a black color paint may increase a home’s value by up to 3%, while a pinkish taupe may add the worth of a house by 1.4%.

  1. Change Your Wardrobe

Having good storage is the key to making your bedroom into a clutter-free sanctuary. Therefore, choosing the best wardrobe for your bedroom will be important.

Whether you want to make a statement or need a practical piece, you can shop for single wardrobes to upgrade the master bedroom. Shopping for new wardrobes is a chance to solve storage problems you can use to hang your clothes.

  1. Consider Bathroom Additions

If your house has a single bathroom, you may recoup a big chunk of your investment by adding one more. When finding a room in your home for another extra bathroom, you may look at underutilized or extra spaces.

You can consider spaces, like closets or another area under the stairs. If you need a half-bath, you will require around 20-square feet or more, but you may include a stand-up shower with more than 30-square feet for a full-bath.

  1. Swap out Fixtures in the Kitchen

New drawer pulls, faucets, and knobs in a matching style will give your kitchen a modern and cohesive look. You may also try matte-type stainless steel and brushed nickel fixtures to have a contemporary style.

Though if you want to have a more classic kitchen, you may use oil-rubbed bronze fixtures instead.


Home improvements should increase the value of your home and make it an enjoyable place to stay.

Projects like adding a swimming pool may not be a convenient improvement for your home, but simple projects, such as swapping out kitchen fixtures and painting the right color on the walls, will do the magic.

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