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The Different Styles of Luxury Homes

The different styles of luxury homes can be categorized into many different categories. These include the Storybook, Craftsman, Mediterranean Revival, and Northwest regional styles. Each class is distinct from the others, and you will need to understand each to determine which type of home is right for you.


Craftsman luxury homes are popular among those looking to upgrade to a more stylish home. This architectural style is known for its beauty and sustainability. With its unique architecture and wide porches, a Craftsman home is sure to impress. When you’re looking for an excellent serviceĀ central Florida luxury home builder, consider helping you build your dream house.

The interiors of Craftsman homes are comfortable and relaxing. They often feature built-in corner benches and floating wooden shelves. Craftsman luxury homes also tend to have open floor plans.

Craftsman houses typically have a warm color palette, including reds, greens, and browns. The exteriors of Craftsman homes are reminiscent of cottage houses with wide porches and columned front entrances. These houses also emphasize the use of natural materials.

Luxury Craftsman houses also include covered porches and arts and crafts rooms. You’ll also find large fireplaces, hardwood floors, and built-in shelves. In addition, the roofs of these houses are often pyramidal.

Mediterranean Revival

Mediterranean Revival luxury homes are designed to offer a warm, elegant living space. They draw inspiration from both the Spanish Revival and Italian Renaissance styles. A house in this style will often feature stone walls, stucco exteriors, and arched windows.

Mediterranean homes are usually located along coastal areas. This style was popular during the 1920s when Americans built seaside villas and spent money on affluent luxuries. In many cases, these buildings were also used as public structures, such as hotels. Today, these houses are increasingly popular in warmer climates.

Mediterranean-style homes typically have a courtyard or garden in the center. The main living area is open to the yard. Other typical features include ornate iron balconies and arched openings. Wrought iron is commonly used on windows and doors.

Northwest Regional Style

The Northwest regional style of luxury homes is a beautiful style that originated in the Pacific Northwest. Large expanses of glass and unpainted wood characterize it. These home designs also take advantage of the area’s rugged landscape.

The Bauhaus movement influenced the design of these homes. These structures also incorporate natural materials such as stone and wood from the property. They also use asymmetrical floor plans to add interest to the overall build.

Aside from the Bauhaus movement, Northwest Regional style architecture is also influenced by Japanese aesthetics. Specifically, it features a mix of concrete and wooden beams, which provide a west coast feel.

The Bauhaus movement also influenced the development of Mid-Century Modern houses. However, these designs are much more appropriate for the Northwest’s climate.


Storybook luxury homes are natural charmers inside and out. Plus, many companies offer a variety of incentives and amenities for their residents. If you’re looking for a way to escape the hubbub of the city, they’ve got you covered.

They’ve even made an effort to build homes in smaller master-planned communities. This helps keep their cost per square foot down, resulting in a high-end, high-tech home at an affordable price.


Mansion-style luxury homes are beautiful residences thatĀ provide the comfort of a grand home. They feature high-end amenities, excess bedrooms, and unique architectural features. Many modern mansions have gyms, spa facilities, theater rooms, pools, and other recreational spaces.

These luxury homes are usually custom-built and designed by highly skilled architects. The floor plans can be personalized for your family’s needs. Some popular floor plans include grand entryways, large master suites, and media rooms.

These homes also have several common areas, such as kitchens, swimming pools, and guest houses. Large estates may have gardens and tennis courts, and they may have stables. In some countries, mansions are a symbol of status and wealth.

Some luxury home plans even incorporate iconic pieces of architecture from history.

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