Sunday, October 1

Surviving the Emotional Aftermath of a Home Fire

When dealing with a fire in your home, you have to deal with more than just the area the fire burned. Water or foam pouring in to extinguish the fire can coat your furniture, flooring, and personal items. The smoke can penetrate the walls, curtains, and wooden objects. Plus, the firefighters may have cut holes in your roof, broken windows, and torn through walls. However, your home is still standing, and that is a good thing. Now all you have to do is deal with the emotional aftermath of a home fire. Here’s how you do that.

Save What You Can

Everything isn’t as bad as it looks after a fire. There are many modern methods of saving your personal items. From machines that suck the smell of smoke out of wood to rug restoration Portland specialists, you may be surprised at how much you can save after the flames are gone.

Deal With Your Emotions

No matter why the fire started, you may be plagued with the “what if” guilt. Don’t let it eat at you. You can’t change the past. Instead, begin coping with the nightmares, depression, confusion, and anxiety that often accompany the days after a home fire. Most importantly, be kind to yourself and those around you.

Talk to Your Children

Your children may feel the same emotions you are dealing with; however, there is no way for them to voice their fears if they are young. Little ones may begin acting out after the traumatic event, and some may even suffer from permanent physical or psychological issues. You may find yourself talking to them about the same scenario a hundred times – and that is okay. It will help them heal.

Surviving a home fire can become an emotional rollercoaster. Stay on top of your emotions and help your children do the same. You can begin the healing now.

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