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Signs You Need Your Septic Tank Serviced

If you’ve just relocated outside the city, using a septic system instead of municipal water may sound daunting. However, septics are efficient and built to last if taken care of properly. Regular pumping is required every few years, and you’ll also need service if you experience any of the following situations.

Clogged or Slow Drains

Everyone has had a slow or clogged drain at some point, but if all your drains are acting up at the same time, call for septic tank service Orlando Florida. This is usually a sign that a pipe is backed up. You may also notice that your toilets are flushing slowly or just don’t sound right.

Odors Inside or Outside the Home

Perhaps the most alarming sign of septic trouble is an unpleasant odor inside or outside the home. Smelling sewage usually indicates your tank is full and requires immediate pumping. By scheduling routine septic tank cleaning ahead of time, you’ll avoid this embarrassing situation.

Excess Grease in the Sink

If you own a restaurant, rinsing food bits down the drain can stress a septic system. In addition, you may notice excess grease or a foul odor in a sink or around the dish pit. This is likely caused by a clogged grease trap and needs to be serviced before it negatively impacts your business.

Standing Water on the Lawn

Every septic system has a drainfield where water from the tank goes to be purified and released. Once a septic tank has reached capacity, you’re apt to see standing water on your lawn. This is an emergency, and you’ll need to call your septic company to have it pumped.

Septic systems rarely have problems, but it pays to know the warning signs. If your drains are slow or a bad odor is present, call your septic company immediately.

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