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Signs It Is Time for New Windows in Your Home

How often do you check the condition of your home’s windows? If you have wood or aluminum framed windows, you may not even notice issues when they arise. However, if your home is more than 20 years old and you still have the original windows installed, it’s probably time for home window replacement San Francisco.

If you still aren’t sure if it’s time to make this investment, keep reading. Below you can find some of the tell-tale signs your home needs new windows.

Higher Than Normal Energy Costs

When it is cold outside, take some time to stand next to your windows. Does it seem cooler than other parts of your home? Touch the windows. Does the glass feel cold? If so, the warm air produced by your heating system is being cooled when it gets close to the windows in your home. This can lead to uncomfortable interior temperatures and wasted power. New windows can eliminate this problem.

Problems Opening and Closing the Window

Walk around your home and open and close each of your windows. See if they move smoothly. If it requires you to use any additional force or pressure, it may be because the windows are swollen or painted shut. If that’s the case, now is a good time to replace them.

Wood windows have this problem more than other materials. Remember, it should never be a chore to open your windows. It should be an effortless movement.

Don’t Wait to Replace Your Windows

As you can see from the information above, there are several indications you need to replace the windows in your home. Be sure to keep this information in mind, which will help ensure your home remains energy efficient and that the windows operate effortlessly. Modern window technology is advanced and will provide many benefits to your home.

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