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How Can Housing Influence Health?

Owning a house is a dream come true for many people. But, do you know the quality of your housing can affect your health? According to experts, poor housing can lead to chronic problems, poor mental health, and injuries.

Lack of Money

Living in safe, clean, and suitable housing in New Braunfels real estate is essential for good health. On the other hand, the high housing costs can affect your mental health. People who can’t afford suitable housing lack money for basic things such as quality education, food, and medical care.


The effects of a cold can lead to death or severe health issues. Houses with inadequate insulation and home heating are vulnerable to cold. It is best to take measures and regulations to improve home heating and curb cold-related problems.


The area where the homes for sale New Braunfels-based are situated plays a significant role in your health. The social and physical characteristics of your neighborhood have effects on the short term or long term health. For instance, if you live in a noisy, crowded, or insecure place, you might develop stress and anxiety. You may also have sleeping problems which lead to health implications.

Low-income neighborhoods have higher chances of drug-related cases, which affect the user’s mental, physical, and physiological health and close relatives.


The risks of extreme heat during summer can affect people who live in poorly made houses. For instance, if your roof is poorly insulated or has large windows facing the sun, you will likely have health effects due to high temperatures.

Damp and Mold

Lack of proper insulation and leaking roofs are the leading causes of dampness and mold in the house. Molds are linked to issues such as chronic respiratory problems and general ill health. Dust mites thrive well in damp places.

Poor House Designs

Poor house designs and maintenance lead to a high number of accidents at home, especially for the elderly and children. The falls from stairs account for several fatalities and deaths for many residents. House fires have also claimed many lives in the recent past.

Poor Living Conditions

Local governments have policies regulating building standards. However, people living in low-dwelling places rarely observe health protocols. There are also chances of using contaminated water, poor lighting, and electrical hazards, which affect the person’s overall health.

Presence of Harmful Gases

Poisoning by carbon dioxide occurs as a result of poorly ventilated gas boilers and fires in the house. Many deaths and admissions are reported yearly in various countries, and the most affected are children. The common effects of inhaling CO are chronic neurological conditions.


There are various cases of building in riparian zones all over the world. Although there are regulations in those parts, most house owners have flooding problems that promote diseases like malaria and diarrhea.

Having a good home in Lake Austin homes for sale is essential to your physical and mental health. The presence of harmful gases at home, flooding, dampness, and climate conditions affect your wellness. Always ensure your house is safe from physical hazards.

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