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Hot Signs Your Furnace May Be Ready to Be Replaced

During the summer, when outside temperatures in some regions burst into the 90s and above, you probably give no thought to the furnace tucked in the corner of a garage, basement or closet. On the other hand, a failing furnace is the last thing you want to face when temperatures plummet in the winter. Consider replacing your furnace when it shows these last-breath warning signs.

It Is Aging

No matter how clean your unit looks, if it is more than 15 years old, it is on the home stretch of its lifespan. Age may be difficult to determine if you did not have it installed, but the information should be posted on the exterior or in an owner’s manual. Check for a manufacturing date, do an online search for model information or call a residential hvac equipment Manchester NH installer to provide advice.

It Is Costing You More

Check your annual heating bills. If they have increased, taking into account energy-supply price hikes, it may not be performing optimally. If a checkup does not resolve the issue, the problem will only worsen.

It Heats Unevenly

If you start to notice that some rooms are cooler than they used to be, your furnace has begun to operate less efficiently. It may be straining to do the job it once performed easily.

It Spreads Dirty Air

Look out for increasing levels of dust in the house and around the furnace during the heating season. Be particularly concerned about soot, a potential sign of carbon monoxide release. If changing the furnace filter does not fix the problem, it means your furnace is unable to remove dirt during the air-exchange process.

In addition to taking these self-check steps, you should schedule annual furnace inspections, especially for gas-operated units. Ask the technician about the condition of your furnace, especially if it is an older one. While replacing a furnace may seem expensive, bear in mind a newer unit will perform far more efficiently, reducing operating costs and increasing home-comfort levels.

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