Sunday, October 1

Beautify the Personal Areas of Your Home

An entrance lined with flowering plants and a stylish bench offers a welcoming invitation to your guests. Having a living room that makes people look twice can be a real source of pride. But how does your bathroom look, or your kitchen for that matter? Is your bedroom truly an oasis where you can relax? You may just want to spruce them up a bit.

The Kitchen

Dingy cabinets and a leaky faucet can leave a nasty taste in your mouth, so give your kitchen a little tender loving care. Replace or reface kitchen cabinets, change out your countertops and add an island for greater efficiency. Install a tall neck faucet, so you can fit a pot easily beneath to fill or wash it.

The Bathroom

What could be more intimate than your bathroom? Bathrooms however, are notorious for being outdated and unpleasant. Soften the hard edges with some new fixtures. Change out the flooring and countertops and put some fresh new tile in the shower surround. Likely, this sounds like a bit much to tackle on your own, but St Charles kitchen and bath specialists can take the work off your hands and create a result to be proud of.

The Bedroom

When you want to relax and unwind at the end of the day, is your room striking a sour note? The bedroom can be an oasis from stress and worries if attention is given to a few specific areas. Organize the closets and remove outdated bedding. Add stylish new linens and a large rug for added warms. Lamplight is more relaxing and flattering than ambient light from overhead fixtures. Keeping the colors pale and neutral will give a peaceful feeling.

Redoing the more personal areas will also make your home feel more a part of you. It will be a more accurate reflection of your personality and give you a space that is truly yours. You might even want to show it off to your friends.

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