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7 Signs that Your Garage Door Needs Repair or Maintenance

Statistics show that homeowners close and open their garage doors approx. 1500 times yearly. However, most of them do not take time to inspect the door until they notice some problems. Through regular maintenance and inspection, it is easier to detect problems before they turn into costly repairs.

Slow Response Time

It is necessary to observe your garage door when opening and closing. After pressing the opener, a door should take a few seconds to open or close. If the door takes a little more time, check the springs and other components. You can also lubricate the rollers and hinges and check if the response time improves. If it’s still slow, seek the help of a garage door repair expert.

Broken or Damaged Door Panels

It is hard to notice damaged overhead door panels. Mainly, the damage is caused by torn and dented doors. For a garage door to function correctly, it’s mandatory to repair or replace the door panels.

Failure to Close or Open

If your garage door fails to open, close, or open halfway, it’s evident it requires some repairs. Clear debris that might be blocking your entry, and if the problem persists, there might be a connection issue between the door and control panel. At times, the door opener may malfunction and cause a similar situation.

Failed Automatic Opener

Automatic garage door openers are a convenient way to raise or lower the garage door. In some cases, this problem is caused by battery or power outage issues. If the cause of failure is worn-out gear or motor, it’s best to visit Austin’s Greater Garage Doors and get a replacement.

It Makes Excessive Noise

It is usual for garage doors to make some noise while operating, but if it makes excessive noise, it’s likely some parts might be faulty. However, it is best to understand the type of noise to tell exactly which part has an issue. A garage door will produce a popping sound when some of its features aren’t opening smoothly. If you notice squeaking or grating noise, check the hinges and torsion springs.


If your garage door is sagging, it means it is unbalanced. Lack of balance causes a lot of wear on the motor, which may lead to its failure. So, consult garage door spring replacement Austin to fix the problem quickly.

The Garage Door is off Its Track

The garage door should operate within the tracks placed on both sides. In some cases, the door may slip off the track, which might cause injuries.  Hitting the door with a vehicle or moving objects, broken rollers, or overall alignment can cause the garage door to come off its track. Consult an experienced garage door repair expert soon to avoid causing harm.

Garage door damage is common, and so it is best to have regular maintenance to avoid inconveniences. A garage door protects your car and equipment and it’s also access to most homes. So, if you notice issues such as sagging, failed automatic opener, slow response time, and broken door panels, seek the services of a qualified garage door repair expert.

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