Monday, October 2

6 Benefits of Wool Carpeting

If you are replacing your carpets or building a new home, you have so many choices. Wool carpets were first produced in the U.S. in 1791 and have been a favorite flooring ever since. Here are the top six benefits of wool carpeting.

  1. Friendly for the Environment

Fleece is shorn from sheep every nine to twelve months, and they grow it naturally and continuously. More energy is used to produce nylon or polyester carpeting than it takes to harvest wool and weave it into carpets. Because of its natural insulative properties, you will probably use less heating and cooling inside your home after you install wool carpeting. Once it is disposed of, wool is completely biodegradable and even acts as a slow-release fertilizer in the soil.

  1. Flame-Resistant

Because of the wool’s high nitrogen and water content, it doesn’t easily ignite. Wool doesn’t drip or melt; it burns slowly and extinguishes itself. Since wool naturally resists fire, it is considered one of the safest fabrics or fibers. That’s why it is used in so many hotels, casinos and airports.

  1. Highly Durable

Your wool carpeting can last for decades. The short strands are woven together into strong, yet soft fibers that are naturally durable and flexible. If there has been a heavy piece of furniture in one area, your wool carpets Lakewood CA will spring back to their original thickness. Heavy traffic areas will not become matted like synthetic carpets tend to do.

  1. Easy To Clean

The outside structure of each wool strand is similar to the shingles on a roof — they overlap! If there is a spill, liquids will bead up and stay on the exterior of the fiber. Cleaning up will be quick and easy. Since the wool naturally repels fluids, there will be fewer stains than in synthetic carpeting.

  1. Color Stays Vibrant

The structure of the wool molecule easily accepts dye and holds it tight. This property also helps the color remain vibrant — the carpet hue won’t fade with cleaning or wear.

  1. Hypoallergenic

Wool fibers act as natural filters that take out the allergens and pollutants that can gather inside your home. Even though wool traps the dust in the air, dust mites are not attracted to it. Once you vacuum, all the dust will be removed from your carpets. Your allergies will thank you that those dust particles weren’t floating around in the air!

These six benefits of wool carpeting will be enjoyed inside your home for years to come.


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