Monday, October 2

5 Ways to Protect Your Home

Whether you live in a city or in the country, safety is a real issue. By taking a few preventive steps, you can increase the security of your home. Here are five ideas to get you started.

  1. Neighborhood Watch

Get to know the neighbors. This is one of the top ways to keep your property safe while you are away from home. If your neighbors know you and your family, they will recognize someone approaching your home that doesn’t belong there. Have regular neighborhood meetings when the families in your area can get better acquainted and share contact information.

  1. Exterior Lighting

Add some motion detectors that will turn on your outside lights. That may help deter any unwanted guests while you are asleep. Contact experts that specialize in exterior lighting Overland Park for their suggestions. Having enough light can keep your home safer than if it is dark.

  1. Hand Gun

Owning a gun is a highly personal choice. If you choose to own a gun, make sure you also get trained to use it correctly. Keep it in a safe place where children can’t access it. Accidents happen, and this is one your family doesn’t want to experience.

  1. Guard Dog

A dog really can be a man’s best friend, if you choose the right canine. Be sure to research which dog breeds are the best for your family and for your protection. Whichever you choose, make sure that training starts early and with a recommended trainer.

  1. Alarm System

You have probably had a salesperson come to your door to sell you an alarm system. Having exterior cameras or a security system may help keep burglars at bay. Be consistent with setting the alarm each time you leave home.

So are you motivated to make some new friends in your area, install some new lighting or get a new dog? Whichever solution you choose, do it right away to increase your family’s safety.


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