Monday, October 2

3 Ways To Make Your Home Greener

Owning a home comes with many opportunities to be more eco-friendly and live a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. While most of these opportunities come with an up-front cost, they end up saving you money in the long run. Here are three ways to make your home greener.

  1. Use a Smart Thermostat

When you install a smartĀ thermostat, you can program the air conditioning or heat to run while people are in the house and to not run when everyone is away from home. You can also program the thermostat to adjust to more eco-friendly levels while everyone is sleeping. This not only saves you money on heating and air conditioning costs but is better for the environment because you are not needlessly using the resources needed to heat and cool the house.

  1. Install a Well

If you live someplace where you can considerĀ well drilling Tampa FL, this is another way to live more sustainably. When you get water from a well rather than a processing plant, you are living more off the grid and avoiding using the resources that go into maintaining a water-treatment plant. You will also save on water bills after the installment of a well and any water softener filters that you may need to purchase.

  1. Purchase Window Treatments

Even if you make good use of your smart thermostat, you still want to avoid having outside air leak through your windows and cause the heating and cooling systems in your house to work more than they have to. Dark curtains and blinds keep cold air out in the winter and keep hot air and sunlight, which can heat a room very quickly, out during the summer months. Plastic coverings can also be used to keep cold air out, especially in older, draftier homes.

Consider one or more of these three options to make your home more environmentally friendly.

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