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3 Ways To Keep Your Fire Sprinkler System Functional

Investing in a fire sprinkler system for your home or business is an added layer of protection to ensure the safety of your family or assets. But unfortunately, many people assume it’s something that they can just “set and forget”. When fire sprinkler systems fail, it’s mostly due to seemingly-small issues that could have easily been fixed during a routine inspection. Tragedy can be prevented with the following.

Be On-Time

Establish a schedule for inspection and maintenance. Regular superficial visual inspections can ensure there are no obvious problems, but you may want to check your control valves weekly if they are non-electrical and quarterly if they are, as closed control valves are the leading cause of fire sprinkler failure.

A plumber or other professional skilled in testing fire sprinklers San Diego CA should visit quarterly to check the system’s water pressure. A full inspection of the entire system, including the pipes, should be performed annually to ensure there are no leaks or problems that could interfere with function.

Stay Dry

If you live in a colder climate or are unable to provide adequate heating throughout the building, a dry system may make more sense to install. To prevent pipes from freezing and bursting, they are instead filled with pressurized air, with water pumped in only in the event of a fire.

Keep It Clear

Even if you have good air quality, the build-up of dust and gunk can happen over the course of months or years. Be on the lookout for rust and gumminess.

Nothing should be near or touching your sprinkler heads. Not only does this create a risk of accidental activation, but a tall bookshelf or stack of crates may limit the range of sprinkler heads—or even damage them.

The time spent inspecting your system is nothing compared to the potential loss a fire can cause. The benefits outweigh the burden by far.

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