Monday, October 2

3 Ways a Business Can Benefit a Community

Businesses can have a big impact on the local community. If the people who work at the company care about the other people living and working in the area, it can benefit everyone. Companies can improve the physical location they occupy, encourage employees to volunteer, and hire people who live in the area to lower unemployment.

  1. Rejuvenate Physical Location

Abandoned buildings can become dilapidated eyesores. Tearing them down and replacing them with something modern may seem like a good idea, but companies that prefer adaptive reuse methods can preserve the architectural style and appeal of the old structure. A city’s architecture can be a defining feature, so salvaging old buildings can be a great way to show support for a city’s history.

  1. Support Volunteer Days

Many people like to give back to the community when possible. Offer staff members time off of work to engage in local volunteer events or organize an event that reflects the company’s values and give employees paid time off to attend. This can be a great way to encourage positive interactions between workers and the public. These can be annual, quarterly or monthly, depending on the company.

  1. Hire Local Workers

While the internet makes it easier to hire people who work all over the world to perform tasks, hiring people from nearby neighborhoods can be a great way to lower unemployment in the area and cultivate good relationships with community members.

When the people who work at a company take the time to reflect on different ways to improve the lives of people living nearby, it can be great for everyone. The workers will feel like they are doing a good deed, and people in the community benefit from the results. By considering how to improve the building without losing the original architecture, encouraging volunteer work and trying to reduce unemployment rates, companies can make a positive difference.

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