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Townhouse Space: How to Add More Storage

Whether renting out a space in a townhouse or looking for a bigger one, you can find plenty of ways to add extra storage to your townhouse. Some ideas include installing hangers in the closet to increase storage space discreetly. Others involve using storage ottomans and shelves. In addition, you can use basements to add extra storage space.


Adding shelves to your townhouse can be an excellent way to add extra storage space. You can use them to fill empty wall space or keep tabletops free of clutter. However, styling them can be a challenge. Start by defining your style and interests to achieve the look you want.

Floating shelves are a stylish option. They are ideal for storing decorative items and small plants. They can also be used to hang mirrors. You should choose the type of shelves that best suits the room’s purpose. You can choose from a variety of sizes and shapes.

Floating shelves are also an excellent option if you want to save on space. Floating shelves are difficult to install because they require all the hardware before placing them. Unlike floating shelves, bracket-mounted shelves are easier to hang and require minimal effort. These shelves are also ideal for renters because they are renter-friendly. Because a townhouse design can be limited in space, finding a townhouse suitable for your taste and needs is essential. There are townhouses for sale in suffolk va where you can maximize and revitalize every room. Remember that following the implementation of these ways, it could help you big time in having the space you’ve always wanted.

Furniture that Doubles as Storage

If you’d like to add extra space to your townhouse without sacrificing style, many types of furniture double as storage. Ottomans, for example, are versatile pieces of furniture that can serve two purposes. They can double as seating in your living room and be made in various shapes and sizes. Some of these ottomans are also fitted with casters for more effortless mobility. Shelves are also excellent furniture that draws attention to an area while providing storage. Geometric shelves have a drop-down shelf kept sturdy by a sturdy iron frame.

You can find stylish storage furniture for your townhouse on a tight budget online. Leading retailers offer a wide range of styles and materials.

Slide-Out Drawers

Slide-out drawers allow you to expand your storage area inexpensively. They help to maximize usable space and minimize wasted space. You can also use slide-outs to help you get organized. You can order these products in kits, which include instructions and everything you need to install them.

Hanging Door Storage Compartment Organizers 

Hanging door storage compartment organizers can add extra storage space to any door, including the bathroom. They’re perfect for storing toiletries in a small bathroom but can also be used for other necessities. The hanging compartments allow you to clear flat surfaces, making it easy to access frequently used items.


A finished basement offers additional living space and extra storage space. With proper finishing, you can turn your basement into an entertainment room, game room, or private hangout space for the kids. Not only will a finished basement make life easier, but it will also appeal to prospective buyers.

Another way to use a basement is as a gym or guest room. A basement can serve as a gym for the family or can even be used as a guest room for overnight guests. You can add a bathroom and kitchenette if the area is large enough. Ensure the space is well-ventilated, and provide a bed and pillow for guests.

Lofts With Installed Loft Ladders

If you have installed loft ladders in your townhouse, you can take advantage of the extra space on your townhouse’s roof. There are numerous options to choose from. Choosing the right type will depend on your needs and preferences, saving you money in the long run.

Loft ladders are usually installed by a professional, but it is essential to follow the instructions carefully. It will help if you avoid common mistakes that can ruin your loft. The ladder must be installed on a sturdy surface with a safe landing area.

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