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Proven Strategies to Boost Your Job Search Success

Finding a job is an intimidating process. Months may pass while you’re still looking, and it may feel like a full-time job.

But knowing the right job-searching strategies can make landing a job, you love easier. Here are some tested methods to improve the success of your job search:

Focus on Your Strengths.

Improving your weaknesses is easy, but highlighting your strengths can set you apart from others. Identifying what makes you unique as a jobseeker is critical, and you can then showcase this in your CV and interview.

Feel accessible to the network. It’s been shown that companies are more likely to hire someone recommended to them than someone who found the role on a job board. So feel free to approach companies you’re interested in working for and ask if they have any current or upcoming opportunities.

You can also find out about jobs that need to be advertised by asking colleagues, friends, family, and mentors or using online tools. Despite the risk of rejection, pursuing job opportunities that seem intimidating can boost your professional growth. Remember, hiring managers frequently frontload job descriptions with the most important responsibilities, so your application could be more successful than you realize.

Build a Network

Many people believe that networking is the most critical tactic for locating employment. Considering that up to 80% of jobs have yet to be posted, networking can help you discover these untapped possibilities.

Start by drawing up a list of everyone you know, and determine who may have a contact at a company where you would like to work. It would assist if you also explored contacting persons in comparable businesses to those you seek work with.

As a job seeker, ensure that all your contacts know you are seeking a job and be clear about the desired position. If they cannot assist you directly, they may point you toward someone who can.

To avoid putting your network in the awkward position of having to turn you down or send you to someone else, ask them for insight and advice instead of a specific job. Remember to thank your network members for their assistance and update them on your job search status.

Get Creative with Your Resume.

There’s no doubt that a creative resume can catch a hiring manager’s eye. However, it can also distract from the essential details about your experience and skills critical to getting the job.

This is especially true if you employ too many bold or colorful features on your CV. Most people recommend sticking with a more minimalist or classic style. To make your resume more personalized, consider trying different fonts that highlight your style while keeping the essential information clear and prominent.

For example, if you’re a writer, try using a font that conveys your creativity. Infographics can be used to showcase your achievements more visually appealingly, instead of just presenting them in bullet points.

When choosing a job, it’s crucial to consider the type of work environment you prefer. Do you prefer a full-time position, a freelancer role, or a combination of on-site and remote work? Figure this out before you start your job search to ensure your efforts are well-focused.

Take Control of Your Job Search.

It can be daunting and frustrating to look for a new career. How quickly you receive a job offer, whether or not you receive a response from an employer, and other factors are all outside your control. However, if you take control of your job search by being proactive and intentional in conducting it, you can set yourself up for success.

One way to do this is by establishing weekly goals for your job search activities. This will help you stay organized and focused while keeping your spirits up as you progress toward your goal.

Another way to take control of your job search is by being selective about the positions you apply for. Don’t apply to every available work in your industry – only do so when you have a strong fit for the role and are confident in your ability to do well.

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