Monday, October 2

How To Make a Long Business Trip More Enjoyable

Lengthy trips for business can be challenging for even the seasoned traveler. The days spent away from home and loved ones can get lonely and depressing. Eating alone in restaurants for every meal gets tiresome quickly. Often any spare time is spent alone in a small hotel room with a smaller television and fewer channels than you are accustomed to watching at home. But there are ways to make a lengthy business trip more enjoyable. Here are a few ideas to try:

Stay in a Corporate Apartment

A hotel stay may seem okay to you for a few nights, but short term lodging is a better choice for more extended stays. These furnished corporate apartments provide you the comforts of home in spacious accommodations that allow you to relax and unwind after a hard day at work. Every amenity is included for you, from toothpaste in the bathroom to a can opener in the kitchen. You’ll also find the television is as large as the one you have at home with a wide variety of channels.

Connect With Family or Friends

Instead of dining alone, contact friends or family who live in the area and arrange to meet up for dinner. Whether you dine in their home or enjoy another restaurant meal, catching up with loved ones makes the meal more fun.

Take Time To See the Sights

There is always something to see that is noteworthy in every city. Ask your local co-workers or the wait staff at a restaurant what the can’t miss spots are in the town you’re visiting. Then, take time off to visit them and snap a few digital photos of what you find there. If you have kids at home, they’ll probably love a souvenir from one of your sightseeing trips.

Schedule Regular Video Chats Home

Keep in touch with your loved ones by scheduling video chats for the duration of your trip. Even if it is only digitally, seeing your family or friends keeps you in touch with what’s going on in your household and lifts your spirits.

Check Out Local Events

Do advance research to discover a list of events happening in or near the city where you are staying. Circle a few that look fun to attend in the evenings or on the weekend. You could wind up at a professional sports game, see your favorite artist in concert or attend a festival.

Following these tips should make your next long business trip more enjoyable.

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