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Four types of cold storage

If you are not completely sure which type of cold storage you need for your business, here is a brief guide to four major types that are available.

Refrigerated containers

The refrigerated container is a popular solution and can be obtained in a wide range of sizes. These units are very versatile and can be used for storage of different food products as well as for pharmaceutical goods and botanicals. You can choose from mobile refrigerated containers that have a chilling range of from -40°C to +10°C so that you have total control of the temperature, or from simple reefer containers that are extremely cost-effective. Safety features generally include easy open butcher style doors, non-slip floors and audio-visual alarms.

Blast freezers and chillers

If your business needs a rapid cooling solution, these may be the answer. They are popular for canteens and restaurants where dishes are prepared in advance and for companies that need to cool food quickly and store it before it is sent to its final destination.

Different types of unit include portable ISO blast freezers, mini blast freezers, super freezers and wide span freezers.

Grade A mega cold storage and cold rooms

These walk in cold rooms store products at temperatures of -40°C to +10°C so are suitable for nearly all raw and cooked foods. They have easily cleaned interiors and various safety features. A range of easy access cold storage solutions is available at

Mega cold stores are available with as much capacity as you need for your business and walk in cold rooms are available in many different sizes.

According to The Caterer, if you install a cold room outside, it can be classed as a temporary building so planning permission is not required.

Pharmaceutical grade cold storage

Pharmaceutical businesses and hospitals may need cold storage for sensitive products such as blood packages, medicines and chilled pharmaceutical solutions. These delicate products need temperature control that is sensitive and reliable. Different types of units include chilled cold stores which maintain a temperature of +5ºC to +/-3ºC. These have a sensitive temperature alarm that will trigger a standby unit if fluctuation occurs. There are also incubator stores to provide controlled cooling and heating as well as close control freezer stores and blast chillers/freezers that can store large volumes of cold plates and packs.

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