Saturday, June 3

3 Pests You Don’t Want Around

Nobody likes to coexist with pests. Once you identify the critters you are dealing with, you can contact a reputable Staten Island pest control company to come take care of them. Here are a few of the most common creepy-crawlies that you likely want to have exterminated.


One of the most common insects you may find in your home is an ant. While the red flying fire ants may be more noticeable and cause more pain, even tiny black sugar ants can be a nuisance you no longer wish to put up with. Carpenter ants are a threat to the structure of your home because they create tunnels in any wood they find, which can weaken your chairs or even damage the strength of your walls. Even the little ants can leave bacteria wherever they travel, and they can go pretty much anywhere.


While many people don’t have to deal with this issue, you may someday discover termites in your home. Little wood shavings on the floor and tiny holes in walls or furniture can be a sign that these bugs are working to make your home theirs. Different species prefer dry or moist wood, while still others live in the ground.


While it may be fun to sing the song “La Cucaracha” when you are a kid, the words take on a new meaning when you have grown up. If you see one, you may already have many of them in your home.

Some preventive measures include keeping your bathroom, kitchen and laundry room clean. You can also remove any standing water. It is also important to get help at the first sign of roaches.

While insects are a natural part of the world, you don’t want them making your home theirs. Looking for signs of them and then getting professional treatment will help keep them out of your space.

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