Monday, October 2

Preparing your office building for the summer

If you have a commercial property, then you’ll probably be aware of the importance of preparing your building for the change in seasons. The changing season requires certain measures that can prevent long term and unnecessary problems for its occupants (tenants or businesses) whilst also prevent you from unexpected and unavoidable repair costs. We’ll be going into some of the things that you can do at your property to prepare it for the summer.


The first thing is making sure that the grounds are properly maintained, it is important to keep this going all year round as it would mean spacing out the work load through the year instead of doing it all at once. The windy winter might have dragged in dead leaves and debris onto they property, although this might look like a little thing it could make all the difference with the residents. You should also remember to check for other potential damages from freezing as they might lead to bigger issues in the future. Check your gutters, pipes, asphalts and other expansions.

Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning system maintenance

The change in climate is due to have some adverse effects on your cooling and ventilation system, make sure that it is regularly maintained to avoid malfunctions or all together stoppage. If you have been managing properties for a while you’ll probably already have a reliable heating and air-conditioning repair company on hand. They can check that all parts of the system are functional and well lubricated, this will make sure that your tenants are comfortable through the changing seasons.

Interior flooring

Regular maintenance of your flooring is always advised to maintain a clean and healthy office building. As the season changes and the environment becomes hotter it is better to do a massive clean of the flooring to get rid of mould and to identify damp spots that might have been left during the wet season.

Indoor air quality assessment

Indoor air quality can change quickly which is why it is important to have the air quality assessed from time to time. It is important to do this to avoid the circulation and accumulation of dust, mould and other factors that can decrease the quality of air in the building. If the air quality gets too toxic if can impact the occupants of your tenants or employees.

Window maintenance

The winter season might have cause some damage to the windows on your property which could lead to more being spent on air conditioning and energy in the summer months. If you are on a commercial gas meter you will be spending more money on the ventilation of your building than you should be. You should give all windows a thorough inspection at the start of each season and keep an eye out for cracks or breaks and replace them as needed. It is important to remember that if you have a corner sofa in the office you should avoid placing it directly against a window as the season fluctuations can cause irreversible damage to your furniture.

Roof assessment

Finally, the summer brings with it severe storms and hail that can cause havoc to your roofing materials. Start the summer season by getting a roof professional to inspect your roof and prepare it for the summer season. This is an important part of your building maintenance as it makes sure that the building’s occupants are safe while in your building.

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