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Jeremy James For Marylebone Property Sales

Marylebone property sales are much easier when you use a real estate agent, and in the UK most sales are made through an agent. A good agent will do everything they can to facilitate the process, make sure your property sells for the highest possible price, and generally make the process go as smoothly as possible. Taking photos of your home, posting them on their website and determining an accurate evaluation of the home are just some of the tasks you can leave to your estate agent when you enlist their help to sell your Marylebone house or flat.

Why the Evaluation Is Important

Advertising and promoting your property is something that your real estate agent will take care of for you, and that includes creating appealing promotional material and photographs, detailing the measurements, plan, number of rooms and amenities. But before that, it’s necessary to evaluate your home as accurately as possible. As the seller, you want the price to be set high enough to ensure that you aren’t losing out on the sale, but at the same time buyers should be attracted to your home with a price that is low enough to appeal. It’s one of the most important steps for ant real estate agent.

Advertising Is Important Too

Many buyers today look for their perfect property on websites such as Rightmove, Zoopla, Lonres and Prime Location, as well as in the major UK newspapers including the Financial Times and Sunday Times. Advertising your property is clearly important too, as it gets your flat or house noticed by potential buyers. Details and photographs of your property will also be posted on the estate agent’s website and the goal is to get your listing to as many interested buyers as possible. And the advertising has to be high quality to actually work as intended. As a homeowner you shouldn’t have the task of having to arrange viewings of your property, and a reputable estate agent will do that for you, once potential buyers have seen the property listed and expressed interest.

If all of the above makes sense, Marylebone based Jeremy James and Co. is standing by to help you with your Marylebone property sales. They are well established in the area with over 30 years of experience, and handle transferring the property to the purchaser’s name, completing the deed of sale and of course, getting the best price for your home. Contact Jeremy James today, rather than take your chances with a less experienced company.

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