Sunday, October 1

Four Home Updates to Restore Order

As the year comes to a close it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by clutter and mess. With holidays, entertaining, work, and family, your home, rightly so, often gets the short end of the stick when it comes to undivided attention. With a few hours of focused effort, your home can get back in order in no time. Check out these four easy household areas to tackle all at once or in smaller increments.

The Garage

Your car isn’t the only garage inhabitant. Tools, power equipment, outdoor gear, seasonal décor, sporting equipment, and beyond—the garage houses many miscellaneous items. Step one to a neat and tidy garage is smart storage. If possible, consider investing in large, see-through bins that you can use to neatly sort and stack contents. Be sure to designate time to label each bin so you can find and return items with ease in the future. Don’t forget to practice regular garage cleaning to rid the floors of leaves, debris, and other natural build-up over time.

The Office

No matter your profession, it’s likely you have a designated home office space in your house. With more and more individuals working from home full time, a smartly organized home office is always in style. Consider home office organization Dallas TX to get your workspace, files, and documents in order.

The Kitchen

While at the surface level the kitchen seems like a straightforward space for organization, many unwanted, expired, and unused items may be hiding in plain sight. Start in your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry; toss any items that have expired. Then, remove all current food items that are still edible with secure packaging. Next, deep clean your refrigerator and freezer shelves, along with pantry cabinets, to avoid unwanted bacteria growth. Finish by organizing remaining perishables by category and size for easy access.

The Closet

Finish off your tidying efforts in the closet. Spend some time sorting through both hanging and folding clothes, donating or trashing any pieces you haven’t worn in over one year. Then, arrange clothes by color and season for simple outfit pairing in the coming months. Don’t forget to follow the same process with shoes and other accessories.

With a little focus and determination, your house can be orderly and ready for the new year ahead. Be sure to make regular household cleanings a part of your schedule to maintain order and organization all year long!


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