Monday, October 2

5 Scrap Car Parts People Pay Money To Buy

Do you have a clunker taking up space in your driveway? There’s nothing worse than a lemon you never can fix, but before you push your heap of junk over a cliff, try selling your car for parts instead. Here are some car parts people pay good money to buy.

Catalytic Converter

This important part of any car cuts the emissions of vehicles and has been required by law since 1975. Catalytic converters reduce pollutants like carbon monoxide and help keep the air safe to breathe. They’re also stolen by enterprising thieves because they contain metals like palladium, rhodium and platinum. Sell your converter by contacting scrap catalytic converter buyers.


If your engine is running, you can sell it for good money. Second-hand engines are popular to buy because the new ones are so expensive. You will, however, have to drain all fluids as well as remove the engine from your car. If you can’t do this yourself, you’ll have to find a mechanic.


The transmission provides your car with torque, regulates its speed and keeps it moving at a safe pace. Without a transmission, you wouldn’t be able to change gears and would move at the same speed at all times. Transmissions are also expensive to replace, so again, mechanics are looking for used ones and will pay you cash for yours.

Fenders and Doors

Say the phrase “scrap car parts” and most people think of such things as fenders, doors and even side mirrors, and they’d be right. You can make money by selling yours to grateful buyers.

Everything Else

Windshield wiper arms, batteries, the air conditioning system, the radio, you name it. If you have the space, you might find holding onto that car and selling it off piece by piece a great way to earn some valuable cash.

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