Sunday, October 1

4 Household Repairs Only a Licensed Plumber Should Complete

When it comes to household plumbing, hiring a licensed and insured plumbing company is a great way to save time and money while maintaining the safety of your home. Here are four such repairs that should only be completed by plumbers.

  1. Basic Upkeep

Hiring a professional technician to do plumbing repairs Woodstock GA is usually the best decision. Plumbers can install new faucets, repair toilet flappers, clear stoppages in your sewer line, and fix leaks in your pipes. Allowing a professional to handle these types of home repairs ensures you won’t accidentally cause a flood or burst a pipe in your home.

  1. Septic Tanks

If your home isn’t on a city utility line, then it uses a septic tank to handle sewage and waste. You should have your septic tank maintained at least once a year and pumped every three years or so. It costs less to properly maintain a tank than it does to replace it entirely.

  1. Gas Lines

Many plumbing companies work on gas lines too. A gas leak is a serious problem, so calling a technician to fix the line is crucial before it becomes a serious danger to the home and everyone who lives inside it. A licensed plumber needs to complete these types of repairs because the new lines are inspected by city officials for proper installation.

  1. Water Heaters

Fixing or installing a water heater can be very hazardous if not completed properly. Without proper installation, a water heater can cause floods, gas leaks, and even explosions due to high pressure. Water heaters are also extremely heavy and can be difficult to lift if you don’t have specialized equipment for the job, which plumbing professionals should have on their trucks.

Not only does a licensed plumber do repairs safely, but he or she can ensure a proper installation of new equipment, keeping you and your home safe.


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