Sunday, October 1

3 Interesting Kinds of Home Insulation

Home insulation is a fascinating, essential material. It protects homes from extreme temperatures, shaves money off of your power bill and generally makes your home more pleasant to be in. Here are three incredible types of insulation to consider when building or renovating your home.

  1. Spray Foam

Spray foam solutions for insulation are affordable and quick to install. The insulation comes as a liquid that is pressurized and forced out of a specialized hose when needed, expanding upon release. The foam eventually dries to a firm texture that easily stays put inside walls. The nature of this insulation makes it easy to install nearly anywhere the hose can reach (including difficult ones, such as tight attic spaces), with little waste (since the foam is sprayed on-demand, and conforms to the shape of the area it is sprayed into).

  1. Fiberglass

Fiberglass insulation is composed of tiny threads made from sand and glass (potentially even recycled glass). It may be installed as loose batting or pre-made sheets. Its composition means that it’s naturally fire-resistant, helping ensure safety in home construction. It also helps to insulate sound as well, helping keep home sound escape to a minimum.

  1. Natural Materials

Wool, hemp, cork, cellulose and recycled cotton are all potential sources for insulation materials. It’s a great, effective choice for the eco-conscious homeowner. Its renewable nature helps to lessen the environmental impact of a home while simultaneously reducing potential chemical exposure. Natural materials may be a bit pricier than other alternatives, but their cost is often worthwhile for those wishing to take a little bit of a load off of Mother Earth.

Insulation is an incredible construction material in any home. By choosing an option that suits your priorities best, you can ensure that your home is warm and cozy for many years to come.


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